In a Disaster Communication is the Key

Today, we take for granted our ability to connect and communicate with other people or organizations. The choices from land line phones, smartphones, IPADS, tablets, or computer, are endless. We never consider what our life or our ability to handle our responsibilities would be like without the ability to communicate. A person cannot comprehend that all our different tools to communicate would all stop working at the same time.

Until and disaster happens that makes all the above tools into expensive paperweights and all the systems they run on inoperable.

The feeling of isolation and powerlessness that a person feels cannot be exaggerated. Now, consider that the person in question is part of a larger group of people in a Federal, State or Local Government that are responsible for managing the response to the disaster and the well-being of millions of people who are affected. The ability to communicate with only people within earshot will not do much to effect a coordinated and effective response.

Effective Continuity of Government (CoG), in an emergency, is dependent on establishing communications for responders on any level regardless of their physical location and proximity to each other. The connectivity will not only be necessary for communications with Stakeholders and Private Agencies but also for communications with other Government Agencies for response assistance.

The effectiveness of any response is dependent on the immediate deployment of first responders. The inability to communicate will slow the deployment and make managing the response problematic. The communication tools we offer will enable first responders to create an on the fly command and control points that establish a beach head in the affected area. The beach head will be used as a force multiplier throughout the affected area as other assets roll in while waiting for the larger communications systems to be deployed and come on line.

The communication tools range from a satellite phone to portable BGAN satellite systems to large deployable VSAT systems. Each of these tools plays an important role in the response to a disaster situation from the immediate action after the event to a more long term response management position. Establishing a cohesive management plan considering all options and uses of the tools available will make the response more effective and thereby making the population safer.

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