VSAT Systems come in a variety of sizes and capabilities designed to deal with a myriad of emergency communication situations. VSAT systems deal with both support of existing infrastructure as well as a deployable tool for emergency response.


Resilient network architecture for operational communications is a key component of any Continuity of Operations strategy. AdaptConn utilizes fixed VSAT Systems to strengthen existing communications infrastructure, creating more resilient operational networks by supplementing and supporting existing terrestrial-based systems. In the event that the operational ability of either the network or the physical location is compromised, by the severity of the disaster, auto-deploy VSAT systems can be deployed to restore operational communications.


Initial response must be swift and agile and as stated in the prior sections is best suited by the deployment of portable BGAN equipment and Satellite phones. The second wave, where all assets must come to bare to assist the populace, requires a more robust communication capability provided by auto-deploy VSAT systems. These can be either purpose built Trailers systems, Vehicular Mounted, or Fly-Away systems. The pre-disaster planning that decides the purpose in the overall response of will dictate the proper equipment needed.


AdaptConn’s earth-station is located in Utah far removed from the vagaries of any disaster that may befall our clients. We utilize Idirect network architecture that is best suited for emergency services. The benefits of the Idirect system is the ability to provide bandwidth that is contended, which means it is shared among different clients, the contention rate offered is based on the numbers of people sharing the specific bandwidth. It may seem simple to say but Emergency response does not require optimal bandwidth when there is no emergency, contention offers an inexpensive way to offer “Keep Alive Service” for those times. When an emergency happens and Satellite assets are required contended bandwidth will generally not operate as expected to perform the tasks needed to deal with the crisis. Unlike most Satellite Service Providers AdaptConn offers and will provide only uncontended unshared bandwidth for emergency reponse.


AdaptConn offers VoIP services for any of its VSAT installations. Telephone area codes can be local if requested as the VoIP network does not run through the local area exchange system. The benefit of AdaptConn service is the annual fee which is very competitive with other providers also includes unlimited incoming and outgoing calls with the Continental United States and Canada.

Please contact AdaptConn and allow us to review your needs and work with you to create a system that meets those needs.