Portable BGAN Satellite Systems

BGAN services from Inmarsat along with BGAN equipment offer portable, light weight, easy to use and deploy satellite systems. The equipment come in various configurations smaller units can support one or two users while larger systems can operate effectively with up to 5 users. The systems enable the user to access the internet and make satellite calls from most any location under any circumstance.

BGAN equipment units either operate “on the halt” or ‘on the move”. On the halt systems can manage from 1 to 5 users for internet access and satellite phone. On the move systems connect to the internet and have phone capability while traveling up to 70 MPH, and allow up to 5 users effectively.

AdaptConn packages the BGAN equipment in Tactical Kits that include:

  • Custom designed military grade weatherproof case with secure laptop computer storage
  • Alternative power supply AC or DC and spare system battery
  • POTS phones for satellite phone calls
  • All cables and connectors for usage
  • WiFi capability (If not standard with the BGAN unit)

AdaptConn also offers a separate proprietary lightweight and powerful battery backup system. The system is a self-contained unit with solar recharging capability all in a briefcase size weatherproof case. Please see complete product information on the “SOLAR CHARGING BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM” page of this website.

Service plans offered range from access only postpaid usage plans to large annual prepaid minutes bundled either for one system or a shared access plan (SCAP) for multiple user systems. Additionally, calls made to satellite phones on the system from either land or cell based US phones can cost the caller up to $10.00 per minute, AdaptConn offers US Based number to be used for incoming calls which will reduce the cost per call to the normal satellite phone cost.

Please contact AdaptConn and allow us to review your needs and work with you to create a system that meets those needs.

Coverage Map for Inmarsat

BGAN Global Coverage Map