About Us

Where You Need It, When You Need It

The above statement reflects the mission of AdaptConn, Inc. a Satellite Communication Company.

With so many potential disaster situations including:

  1. The recent earthquake activity around the entire Pacific Rim compounded by the flurry of seismic activity in California
  2. Climate Change that is greatly affecting weather patterns intensifying Hurricanes as well as other dangerous weather conditions, best exemplified by the size and intensity of Hurricane Sandy
  3. The constant threat of Terrorist activity too numerous to mention
  4. To the many other potential events that would have a negative effect on the populace and the effectiveness of its governance.

The Company chose to focus its expertise on Emergency Communication Support for Federal, State and Local Governments as well as Private Industry. Whether supplying alternative communication systems when terrestrial based connectivity is compromised, or equipment and service for responders deploying to locations where no communications exist.

The effectiveness of any organization in a disaster can be tied to the effort and attention paid to preparation prior to the event. AdaptConn works with you to create Continuity of Operations strategy for potential disaster scenarios covering:

  • Strengthening your existing Network Connectivity by creating secondary non-terrestrial based back-up systems.
  • Creating alternative solutions when central locations are compromised.
  • Analyzing requirements and supplying customized tools for response.

AdaptConn provides professional grade satellite internet services, Voice over IP phones services, Radio over IP services, and Satellite phone services. We utilize VSAT, BGAN and Satellite Phone Services and Equipment solutions that are custom tailored to fit your requirements. We do not, on this website, provide prices for equipment or satellite services, as there is no cookie cutter approach to emergency communications and need to be custom tailored to your specific needs. Our custom tailored solutions are still price competitive to our industry competitors.

State of California CALNET Contract Capabilities PDF