Adaptconn Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

Satellite phones provide simple instant access to voice communication, texts, emails and emergency GPS location services. The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 is the new-generation satellite phone. The Adaptconn IsatPhone 2 Solution includes:

  1. Satellite Phone
  2. Military Grade Waterproof Case
  3. Spare Battery for extended use.
  4. AC Charging and Cigarette Lighter DC Adapter

Service plans offered range from access only postpaid usage plans to large annual prepaid minutes bundled either for one phone or a shared access plan (SCAP) for multiple user phones. Additionally, calls made to satellite phone from either land or cell based US phones can cost the caller up to $10.00 per minute. AdaptConn offers US Based numbers to be used for incoming calls which will reduce the cost per call to the normal satellite phone cost.

Please contact AdaptConn and allow us to review your needs and work with you to create a system that meets those needs.

Coverage Map for Inmarsat

Global SatPhone Coverage