Iridium Extreme PTT Quick Start Guide

Remote Pipeline worker with Adaptconn PTT communications

Entering PTT Mode

By default the handset is in Phone Mode. To switch to PTT mode:

  1. Press Menu soft key.
  2. Press Select > Switch to PTT. The transition to PTT Mode takes approximately 10 seconds. “Waiting for Registration” is displayed on the device after the switch to PTT.
  3. To switch back to phone mode, go back to Menu and select Switch to Phone.

Navigating to Phone Mode to Dial

If you attempt to dial a phone number while in Push-To-Talk mode, you will receive the following notification: “Dialing not supported. Must go to Phone mode to dial”. 

  1. Press the Phone soft key to switch to Phone Mode. As you are transitioning, you will be prompted to “Dial number again when in Phone Mode”.
  2. If you want to remain in PTT Mode, press the right soft key, labeled Back to cancel switching to phone mode.

Using SOS in PTT Mode

If you press the SOS button while in PTT Mode, you will receive the following notification: “WARNING! Must go to Phone Mode for SOS.”

  1. Press the Phone soft key to switch to Phone Mode. While transitioning, you will be prompted to “Press SOS again when in Phone Mode”.
  2. You must press the SOS button again in Phone Mode to successfully initiate an SOS call.

How to Use Push-To-Talk

Once in PTT Mode follow these instructions to communicate with the rest of your Talkgroup:

  1. Push and hold the PTT Button 
  2. Wait for the Talk Tone, three notes ascending in rapid succession, granting you the floor and allowing you to speak
  3. Once granted the floor your handset will display TALKING and listeners will have LISTENING displayed on their device.
  4. When TALKING is displayed and the PTT Button is held down all other keys are disabled during use. The device cannot perform other functions until the PTT Button is released.

You may hold the PTT Button and communicate with the Talkgroup for a maximum of 20 seconds per PTT Button press. If you have configured your device with Talk Timer Enabled, the time remaining to speak in the current talk period is displayed on the screen below the Device Name. 

Talkgroup Terms

While in PTT Mode your Device will show various Statuses on screen. See below for each Status and what they mean.


When the talkgroup is active but no one is talking, the screen displays OPEN.

This indicates that the floor is available, and that participants may request the floor by pushing and holding the PTT Button.


Your device displays LISTENING when the Talkgroup is active, but you are not the one talking.


Your device displays TALKING when the Talkgroup is active, and you are holding down the PTT Button.