Fully Redundant Satellite Network

Adaptconn has created the REDNET Satellite Network that utilizes both redundant satellites and teleports to protect our users and maintain network connectivity (For Sites Utilizing Auto-Deploy Antenna Systems) due to any of the following:

  • Deployment location has line-of-sight issues creating the inability to connect to primary satellite
  • Teleport disruption due to a regional disaster (Our primary teleport is located in Utah and is not subject to disruptions caused by earthquakes or hurricanes)
  • Teleport disruption due to infrastructure disruptions due to fiber cuts or other utility outages (Our primary teleport has redundant fiber connections and back-up power systems)
  • Satellite network outage due to any component failure in network chain (Including, satellite, antenna, teleport ground equipment)

The reliability of the Satellite Network Connection is of primary importance to you and your organization. Adaptconn is prepared to resolve and restore any of the service disruption within minutes whether it requires an alternate satellite or teleport


Redundant Emergency Satellite Network Services, offers seamless beam switching between networks on Multiple satellites providing global coverage. Our Network operates on the Newtec Dialog platform, the modems are pre-programmed to work with all 3 Satellite Networks. The auto-deploy antenna controllers are pre-programmed to operate on multiple satellites visible at your location.

The REDNET system ensures that regardless of the obstacle you will be connected.

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